Press release from the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil - 03/19

march 19 2017

I convened a ministerial meeting this Sunday to discuss issues concerning national and international consumer safety with regard to the quality of meat produced in the country.

It was decided:

1 - to accelerate the audit process in the establishments cited in the Federal Police investigation, 21 units in total. Three of these have already been suspended and all 21 will be immediately placed under special inspection regime to be conducted by specific task force of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa). It is important to underline that of 11 thousand employees, only 33 are being investigated and of the 4,837 units subject to federal inspection, only 21 allegedly involved in possible irregularities. Of the 21 only six exported in the last 60 days. Then, the Map will inform which countries have received the products, what they were and their origin by companies. It is emphasized: the purpose of the investigation is not the agricultural defense system, whose rigor is recognized, but a few deviations of conduct;

2. to reiterate to the foreign missions that all exporting plants remain open to inspections of importing countries and to monitoring of activities of the national control system, one of the most respected in the world;

3 - to strengthen the cooperation between the Map and the Federal Police to investigate any deviations in the agricultural defense system.

The federal government reiterates its confidence in the quality of the national product, which has conquered the consumer and obtained approval from the most demanding markets from the point of view of agricultural inspection and defense. The Map has strict inspection service of animal products. This standard of excellence opened the doors of more than 150 countries, with permanent audit, monitoring and risk assessment. In addition to that, when arriving at their destinations, the products are also subject to local inspection.

In 2016 alone, 853 thousand consignments of animal products from Brazil were shipped abroad and only 184 were considered by the importers to be out of compliance, often because of non-sanitary issues such as labeling and certification.

Brasília, March 19, 2017.

Michel Temer, President of the Republic of Brazil