Mapa - Press Release

march 18 2017

Regarding the facts under investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police under the Carne Fraca Operation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply would like to offer the following clarifications:

1. Brazil's Federal Inspection Service is considered to be one of the world's most efficient and rigorous monitoring systems. It relies on a staff of 2,300 professionals and inspects 4,837 producing establishments accredited to export to 160 countries. It was precisely through this Service that we have managed to build a reputation of excellence in agriculture and cattle raising and comply with the rigorous requirements of different nations.

2. A few isolated facts are currently under investigation following reports by a civil servant from the inspection department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply. In all, 33 federal inspectors are under investigation and three plants have been closed down, while 21 others have been placed under a special surveillance regime.

3. The Brazilian government, through its oversight services, the Federal Police and other control agencies, fulfils its role of ensuring the quality and appropriateness for consumption of food products intended both to the external market and to Brazilian consumers, be they animal or plant products.

4. The Federal Police investigation and the prompt response thereto by our authorities at the Ministry of Agriculture are the clearest proof that our protection and oversight system is alert and fully operational, and further serve as a guarantee to consumers of the quality of our country's agricultural and livestock products.