Brazilian beef exports exceed US $ 449 million in October

november 16 2016

The Brazilian beef industry ended the month of October with billing of more than US $ 449 million in exports and more than 107,000 tonnes shipped. The reports were released by the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters (Abiec).

China returned to the first place among the countries that bought Brazilian beef, with billing of US $ 94 million (38% more than the previous month), which generated a volume of 21.3 thousand tonnes exported (35% increase compared to the previous month). In the same period, Hong Kong grew by 5% in billing (U$ 91 million) and 1% in the exported volume (25 thousand tonnes).

In the year, from January to October 2016, beef exports grew by 4% in volume shipped, with over 1.187 million tonnes and billing of US $ 4.637 billion.

Categories - In October, fresh beef remained the most exported category, with a US $ 358 million billing and more than 83,400 tonnes shipment. However, from January to October, the same category grew 4.5% in the exported volume (914,000 tonnes), with billing of US $ 3.647 billion.