Beef exports volume up, revenue down

october 13 2016

Brazilian beef exports amounted to USD 4.187 billion from January to September, down 2.6% from the comparable period in 2015. Volume shipped climbed 8% to 1.08 million tons, the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (Abiec) said this Tuesday (11).

In September alone, exports reached USD 486 million, a 6.6% drop over September 2015. Volume shipped was 119,900 tons, a 1.87% increase from a year ago. In September from August, revenues were up 4% and volume shipped was up 5%.

Egypt was the second biggest buyer of Brazilian beef in September at over 20,000 tons imported, with Hong Kong in the lead. Considering fresh beef only, the Arab country was the top buyer. It ranked fourth in revenues, trailing Hong Kong, China and the European Union at slightly under USD 65 million.

Saudi Arabia ranked 10th in revenue and volume, at USD 8.98 million and 2,300 tons of beef imported from Brazil in September.

From January to September, Egypt was again the second biggest buyer in volume (162,800 tons). Revenue-wise it was third at USD 506.6 million. Saudi Arabia placed 10th again, at 22,500 tons and USD 85.78 million.

Brazil-Arab News Agency