Brazil organizes Arab Day in French fair

october 11 2016

The Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (Abiec) will organize, in partnership with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, a promotional day for the Brazilian beef to Arab importers at Sial, the foodstuffs industry fair that will take place from October 16 to 20 in Paris.

"Sial Paris is one the world's largest foodstuff fairs and welcomes exhibitors and visitors from all countries. Thus, the presence of Arab buyers is also strong", Abiec told ANBA.

The Arab Day is scheduled to October 19. A barbecue with halal beef will be offered to business owners from the Middle East and North Africa that are attending the fair. Halal is the product that is prepared according to the Muslim tradition, a widespread practice among Brazilian meat processing companies.

Two staff members of the Arab Chamber will be at the exhibition to invite exhibitors and visitors from the region to visit the Brazilian stand in the day of the event, and will be there to welcome them.

"The Arab market is very important to the Brazilian beef, therefore we intend to hold this promotion day to cherish the importers from this market", said Abiec.

Brazilian beef exports to the Arab world totaled USD 3.37 billion from January to September of this year, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC). Egypt is one of the region's largest markets and one of the largest in the world for Brazil, with imports reaching USD 506.6 million in the period.

In all, Abiec and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) will take 19 meat processing companies to the fair. The companies will exhibit in a 990 square meters stand, which will serve daily tastings. In addition to Arab Day, the space will hold other promotion campaigns, such as Nelore Day (17/10) and Angus Day (18/10), when beef of these breed will be served. The association believes that more than one ton of meat will be served throughout the fair.

"This year we are organizing our largest participation in the Parisian fair, aiming at a market expansion, since this fair is the gathering point for those taking part in the beef world supply chain", declared Abiec's president, Antônio Jorge Camardelli, in a statement. Abiec is taking part for the eighth time in the biennal exhibition.

Brazil-Arab News Agency