Our Mission

TO DEFEND and promote the interests of the Brazilian beef exporting sector at home and internationally;

TO INITIATE and/or participate in efforts to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers in international trade (commerce) and to promote Brazilian products and the image of the country abroad, seeking to reduce protection and consolidate the sector's position in international markets; and

TO ENSURE that the sector is properly represented in national and international forums so that it may influence decisions and the elaboration of norms, regulations and legislation pertinent to international beef commerce.

Mission & Objectives

To synthesize, coordinate, represent, promote and defend the interests of all Brazilian companies exporting unprocessed and processed beef, conducting studies and interfacing with public and private bodies to seek solutions for general and specific problems that affect the sector;

To conduct educational campaigns to inform public opinion about matters relating to beef exporting;

To collaborate with public authorities and other trade associations in all matters relating to the domestic and international beef markets;

On request, to offer conciliatory mediation to resolve disputes between members or between members and other exporters;

To organize meetings, congresses and expositions to develop the beef exporting sector;

To collaborate with third parties that share similar aims - including foreign organizations - in studies and research about problems related to beef exports;

To organize, and offer to members, services and support related to the specific interests of companies involved in beef exporting;

To promote Brazilian beef via the marketing program "Brazilian Beef", which may include participating in fairs and organizing workshops and such other events as may help promote the brand internationally, in order than Brazil can consolidate its position as global leader among beef exporters; and

To increase the number of international markets that buy Brazilian beef.